Installing EZRJ45 Plugs using Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45 crimping tool.

For anyone that has installed rj45 plugs on the ends of cable knows that to get a good reliable connection it takes time & practice. Thats why EZ-RJ45® connectors are well worth the extra money that you pay for the connectors. Installing EZ-RJ45 plugs is one of the most reliable easy to use methods of installing RJ11/RJ12, RJ45 connectors.

How to install EZ-RJ45® plugs:

  1. Strip about two inches of outer jacket of your cable.
  2. Untwist, straighten & pair up the wires.
  3. Insert the wires into & through the EZ-RJ45® Picture of PLT-100003 EZ-RJ45® plug connector.
  4. Verify the wires are in the proper location.rj45pinout.gif

    Wire 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    T568A W/G G W/O BL W/BL O W/BR BR
    T568B W/O O W/G BL W/BL G W/BR BR
  5. Pull the wires so that the outer jacket of the cable is firmly seated into connector. You will achive better performace if you can maintain the twists of the wires as close as possible to the contacts.ezrj45pull.gif
  6. Insert the connector into the EZ-RJ45® Crimping tool EZrj45twist.gif twisting all of your conductors together will make less of a mess when you crimp & all 8 conductors are cut.
  7. Press down on the crimping tool which will make the connection & trim off plt-100044closeup1.jpg all of the wires.
  8. Remove the EZ-RJ45® plug from the tool.
  9. Move onto your next connection & go to step 1.

Advantages using EZ-RJ45® connectors:

  • One of the main features of the EZ-RJ45® connectors is you can verify that your wires are correctly wired to the proper pins prior to crimping the connectors.
  • 50 micon Gold plating on the pins of the connector
  • EZ-RJ45 connectors are made in USA
  • The wires are pulled into the connector so that the twist of the pairs can be maintained right up to the gold pins of the EZ-RJ45® plug.

Disadvantages using conventional RJ45 connectors:

  • The installer must push the wires into the connector & many times the wires can cross & be crimped down on the wrong pins.
  • The wires may not be pushed up far enough into the connector so that the pins do not make contact with the wires.
  • Because the wires have to be pushed into the connector the installer may un-twist the wires more than the Cat5 standard recommends & the connector may fail the high speed tests.

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EZ-RJ45® Connectors are Manufactured by SULLSTAR TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
Patented: 5,996,224; 6,017,237 and 6,105,229 and foreign patents. Patents Insured.
EZ-RJ45® is a registered trademark of SULLSTAR TECHNOLOGIES, INC.