Dolphin Super B wire connectors

Dolphin Super B-wire connectors is a connector that does not require the installer to strip the wires in order to splice two or more small gauge wires together. These connectors are typically used by alarm installers, telephone installers & anyone that is working with small gauge wires & needs to quickly be able to splice wires in the field. Their small size & ease to use because you do not have to strip the wires to make a connection make them ideal to use by the installer.

These connectors use razor sharp teeth that when crimped, pierce though the insulation to provide a positive electrical connection between the connector & the wires that are being crimped.
The connectors come in two styles, one that are plain white (unfilled) & the other are sealant (filled) blue connectors for use in moist environments.
DC1000P dolphin plain Super B wire connector DC1000p Plain connector
DC1000S dolphin Super B wire connector with sealant DC1000S Sealant filled connector

The sealant offers:

  • Provides a moisture barrier
  • Non-curing sealant
  • Never flows out of connector
  • Will not corrode
  • Temperature range: -60° F TO 475° F
  • These connectors can be crimped using a pair of pliers, heavy duty needle nose or our economy  crimping pliers, Part# 12100 which in addition to crimping Super B wire connectors will also crimp 3M style UG, UR & UY connectors, it also has a integral side cutter. For production crimping needs we also offer a heavy duty crimper Part# 300-002.
    12100 Crimping pliers for use with Dolphin B-wire connectors, 3M style UR, UY, UG 12100 Crimping pliers

    Image of 300-002 heavy duty splice connector crimper

    Image of 300-002 heavy duty splice connector crimper

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